FAQ with TenantX – Time to Say Goodbye(?)

I’ll be publishing an FAQ-type post with TenantX in due time.

As for now, all I can say is that TenantX is content. He is content due to having settled his disagreement with Management. He looks forward, and is very eager, to start the new year fresh. He has a short list of concrete goals and ventures he looks forward to tending to in 2013 and is indeed working on those goals right now.

He also wants to thank his attorneys (and people like Gabriel and Mary Jo) for doing an incredible, OUTSTANDING job representing him in his battle with Management. TenantX told me that Gabriel, Mary Jo, and his attorneys were (and are) very thoughtful, caring young people.

He also wants to give a special thank you to Officer Daniel Neifier of the San Diego Police Department for the way he handled a couple of situations that involved TenantX.

I’ve seen TenantX the last couple of days and he actually looked a little sad. He didn’t look like a happy camper to me!

He informed me that he is a happy camper. He is content with having settled with Management and actually looks forward to the future (and, potentially, some victories to score in a couple of cases that do not involve Management).

The thing is TenantX is a sentimentalist at the core who is prone to reminiscing about the good things in the community, the good things in San Diego.

He informed me that when he reminisces about the good things that took place in the past, and some of his good neighbors (both past and present), he can become a little sad. But make no mistake about it: He is totally content with the outcome that came to fruition on the morning of November 16, 2012, the decisive and momentous (and some might say “fateful”) day when Management’s legal team and TenantX’s wonderful attorney were able to settle their differences amicably.

He also has a strong need to step up and “Go to bat” for Officer Neifier. It appears as if TenantX owes something to Officer Neifier or has some work to do on behalf of the good officer. Earlier in 2012 TenantX started to go to bat for Officer Neifier but was forced to abort. More about some of this stuff later……..

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Here’s Why You Can’t See All of the Pictures I Publish to a Post:

Because you need to switch browsers.

Many people can see only a percentage of pictures that I publish to a post.

I find that Firefox, as great a browser as it is, will sometimes block certain pictures.

So I simply switch over to Chrome or IE. For more info please see the post titled:

Computer Tip for Faster Operation, More Speed, More Horsepower for Your Computer (revealing the best, fastest web browser for you to use)

that you’ll find in the Technology section of this blog.

Please Don’t Be Ashamed If You Can’t Spell Certain Words

So you want to publish posts to the Internet (Facebook, digital magazines, digital newspapers, discussion forums, etc, etc.) but you’re not confident because you’re not good at spelling and you either forget to use Spell-check or you don’t always know how to use it.

I will tell you why you should not be ashamed to publish a post to the Internet that has words that are misspelled. I don’t have time at this moment to delve into the reasons why.

Please check back because I intend to tell you why at a later point in time. For now I’ll just say that my reasons are valid reasons that relate to cowboys, Indians and slaves who lived during the 1800’s.

Mental Illness 101 – Bipolar Activity – with input from TenantX

And with input from Up2sd.org (some say you should never start a sentence with the word “And,”…aww, the heck with that rule.)

The following information was taken from the Summer 2012 newsletter published by the good people at Up2SD.org. Perhaps you’ve seen their slogan plastered on the side of a San Diego MTS bus:


to create a Healthy and Supportive San Diego.”

I think the second portion of the that slogan is touching, spot on, and very appropriate. TenantX goes to group therapy and he says it is very beneficial. When you find a good group the support will be there for you.

Peer support, in the form of valuable feedback from your peers, is where it’s at when it comes to group therapy. The key is finding the right group. And if you like to get “high” by helping people like TenantX does, then you can aid a fellow peer member by offering them a suggestion to a daunter. Put another way, offer them a suggestion, or a piece of wisdom, that’ll help them defeat or make a dent in a problem that daunts their senses.

Here’s the information copied from Up2SD.org’s Summer 2012 newsletter that I’d like to share with you:

“The National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) defines mental illness as a medical condition that disrupts a persons thinking, feeling, mood and ability to relate to others, and as being associated with distress or impaired functioning.

“The most common forms of mental illness are anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar and other mood disorders, eating disorders and schizophrenia.

“It is important to understand that there is no one underlying cause for mental illness; it is caused by a combination of biological, psychological, and environmental factors.

“What we do know is that it is not a character flaw or caused by personal weakness.”

That is all I am going to quote from that issue, for now. If you check back at a later date you might find this post revised with additional excerpts from that issue published to this post.

As I mentioned in a previous post elsewhere on this blog, I have a post titled The Top Three Suicides rolling around in my head that I’ll eventually post, I promise. Also, I may post other personal observations and experiences that both I and TenantX have with suicidal tendencies and attempted suicides (then again, I may not).

At some point in American history there must have been a rock band that called themselves “Suicidal Tendencies,” I would think. I tend to think there was…

Before I end this post I’ll share one personal observation about some folks who have a mental illness vs. those who don’t:

There might come a time when you witness a mentally ill person in a happy and euphoric state. Their elevated state of happiness, as you witness it, is kicked up 100 notches and takes place, or is triggered, for absolutely no understandable reason to the discerning eye.

In other words, you can’t figure out why they’re so happy. You, they or anyone else cannot decipher the reason why. I mean, it’s not like it’s their birthday and it’s not like they just won the lotto, but yet they’re happy as all can be.

The “normie’s” (normal people) often need a solid reason to kick it up a hundred notches, say for example a minute before the clock strikes 12 on New Years Eve, in order to show a heightened and accentuated form of exuberance.

Some of those who are afflicted with mental illness don’t need no stinkin’ New Years Eve to justify their break away from a state of placidness. They don’t need alcohol in order to jump, click their heals together and punch the sky when the mood strikes ’em. Demonstrative at times, yes. And that demonstration, sometimes lasting only a few seconds or minutes, is an oh-so-nice, unexpected feeling; like the curious howl of a wolf in the hot, afternoon sun.

: serenely free of interruption or disturbance, complacent
— pla·cid·i·ty noun
— plac·id·ness noun

I’ll note, from my own personal observations of TenantX, some people who are bipolar have a Jekyll and Hyde personality in that they may be highly extroverted on Monday and then, conversely, extremely introverted on Tuesday.

One example of an extreme form of introversion might be where the bipolar person feels as if no one person (and that would include the entire human race) should be allowed to see, or glimpse at, his or her face and/or body, no matter how good a body shape the bipolar person has or how good looking they are. The aforementioned state of mind is an “episode” that does not last forever, according to one person I know who is bipolar.

When it comes to the feel good part of a bipolar person’s mindset, I almost feel a little sorry for those who have to drink more than a little and drug quite a bit in order to get off; in order to take the Electric Avenue elevator to get to the Land of Bacchanalia. To get wasted. On weekends. Or whenever.

1a Roman festival of Bacchus celebrated with dancing, song, and revelry
2 : orgy 2 b : orgy

All of the people pictured in this post had or have a mental illness of one kind or another and some of them are dignitaries, which is sayin’ something. That statement does not include the young woman seen wearing my hat who is accompanied by the young man with the Ted Nugent belt buckle pictured above as they wait for an MTS bus on Bayard Street in Pacific Beach/San Diego. Ditto for the MTS bus driver shown sitting in the cockpit, a photo that can be referred to as “picture #1.”

P.S. If you’re a young’en, an MMA fighter, or boxer, and you want a song to listen to as you get ready for a hot date or big fight, check out a song titled “Stranglehold”…it’s airtight and will do ya right. It’s by Ted Nugent, of all people. If you’re apolitical or a Democrat, steer clear of anything Nugent has to say. With that, the man does have a handful of good songs.