FAQ with TenantX – Time to Say Goodbye(?)

I’ll be publishing an FAQ-type post with TenantX in due time.

As for now, all I can say is that TenantX is content. He is content due to having settled his disagreement with Management. He looks forward, and is very eager, to start the new year fresh. He has a short list of concrete goals and ventures he looks forward to tending to in 2013 and is indeed working on those goals right now.

He also wants to thank his attorneys (and people like Gabriel and Mary Jo) for doing an incredible, OUTSTANDING job representing him in his battle with Management. TenantX told me that Gabriel, Mary Jo, and his attorneys were (and are) very thoughtful, caring young people.

He also wants to give a special thank you to Officer Daniel Neifier of the San Diego Police Department for the way he handled a couple of situations that involved TenantX.

I’ve seen TenantX the last couple of days and he actually looked a little sad. He didn’t look like a happy camper to me!

He informed me that he is a happy camper. He is content with having settled with Management and actually looks forward to the future (and, potentially, some victories to score in a couple of cases that do not involve Management).

The thing is TenantX is a sentimentalist at the core who is prone to reminiscing about the good things in the community, the good things in San Diego.

He informed me that when he reminisces about the good things that took place in the past, and some of his good neighbors (both past and present), he can become a little sad. But make no mistake about it: He is totally content with the outcome that came to fruition on the morning of November 16, 2012, the decisive and momentous (and some might say “fateful”) day when Management’s legal team and TenantX’s wonderful attorney were able to settle their differences amicably.

He also has a strong need to step up and “Go to bat” for Officer Neifier. It appears as if TenantX owes something to Officer Neifier or has some work to do on behalf of the good officer. Earlier in 2012 TenantX started to go to bat for Officer Neifier but was forced to abort. More about some of this stuff later……..

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