This blog was not intended to be dynamic like a flower in a state of germination.

It was intended to be static like a rock or a dead rat and so at this point in time I don’t see the need to update this section.

Search engine optimization is not a priority of mine, although that may change at a later date.

Please note though, the picture shown in my header was taken by me, Peter David Mack, or by TenantX, a fellow renter who lives in the same apartment complex I do.

I tend to change the header from time to time.

I had one person tell me that they used one of my pictures as a background/screensaver for their desktop. According to what one schoolteacher of mine told me long ago, that means other people are probably doing the same thing.

Go ahead and steal my pictures for your desktop, if you’d like.

Sharing is caring, I fully believe in that phrase. Sharing is also a random act of kindness, as far as I’m concerned. Plus who knows when you, or I, are gonna die. Might be tonight, might be in 30 years.

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