Here’s Why You Can’t See All of the Pictures I Publish to a Post:

Because you need to switch browsers.

Many people can see only a percentage of pictures that I publish to a post.

I find that Firefox, as great a browser as it is, will sometimes block certain pictures.

So I simply switch over to Chrome or IE. For more info please see the post titled:

Computer Tip for Faster Operation, More Speed, More Horsepower for Your Computer (revealing the best, fastest web browser for you to use)

that you’ll find in the Technology section of this blog.

Please Don’t Be Ashamed If You Can’t Spell Certain Words

So you want to publish posts to the Internet (Facebook, digital magazines, digital newspapers, discussion forums, etc, etc.) but you’re not confident because you’re not good at spelling and you either forget to use Spell-check or you don’t always know how to use it.

I will tell you why you should not be ashamed to publish a post to the Internet that has words that are misspelled. I don’t have time at this moment to delve into the reasons why.

Please check back because I intend to tell you why at a later point in time. For now I’ll just say that my reasons are valid reasons that relate to cowboys, Indians and slaves who lived during the 1800’s.

Mental Illness 101 – Bipolar Activity – with input from TenantX

And with input from (some say you should never start a sentence with the word “And,”…aww, the heck with that rule.)

The following information was taken from the Summer 2012 newsletter published by the good people at Perhaps you’ve seen their slogan plastered on the side of a San Diego MTS bus:


to create a Healthy and Supportive San Diego.”

I think the second portion of the that slogan is touching, spot on, and very appropriate. TenantX goes to group therapy and he says it is very beneficial. When you find a good group the support will be there for you.

Peer support, in the form of valuable feedback from your peers, is where it’s at when it comes to group therapy. The key is finding the right group. And if you like to get “high” by helping people like TenantX does, then you can aid a fellow peer member by offering them a suggestion to a daunter. Put another way, offer them a suggestion, or a piece of wisdom, that’ll help them defeat or make a dent in a problem that daunts their senses.

Here’s the information copied from’s Summer 2012 newsletter that I’d like to share with you:

“The National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) defines mental illness as a medical condition that disrupts a persons thinking, feeling, mood and ability to relate to others, and as being associated with distress or impaired functioning.

“The most common forms of mental illness are anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar and other mood disorders, eating disorders and schizophrenia.

“It is important to understand that there is no one underlying cause for mental illness; it is caused by a combination of biological, psychological, and environmental factors.

“What we do know is that it is not a character flaw or caused by personal weakness.”

That is all I am going to quote from that issue, for now. If you check back at a later date you might find this post revised with additional excerpts from that issue published to this post.

As I mentioned in a previous post elsewhere on this blog, I have a post titled The Top Three Suicides rolling around in my head that I’ll eventually post, I promise. Also, I may post other personal observations and experiences that both I and TenantX have with suicidal tendencies and attempted suicides (then again, I may not).

At some point in American history there must have been a rock band that called themselves “Suicidal Tendencies,” I would think. I tend to think there was…

Before I end this post I’ll share one personal observation about some folks who have a mental illness vs. those who don’t:

There might come a time when you witness a mentally ill person in a happy and euphoric state. Their elevated state of happiness, as you witness it, is kicked up 100 notches and takes place, or is triggered, for absolutely no understandable reason to the discerning eye.

In other words, you can’t figure out why they’re so happy. You, they or anyone else cannot decipher the reason why. I mean, it’s not like it’s their birthday and it’s not like they just won the lotto, but yet they’re happy as all can be.

The “normie’s” (normal people) often need a solid reason to kick it up a hundred notches, say for example a minute before the clock strikes 12 on New Years Eve, in order to show a heightened and accentuated form of exuberance.

Some of those who are afflicted with mental illness don’t need no stinkin’ New Years Eve to justify their break away from a state of placidness. They don’t need alcohol in order to jump, click their heals together and punch the sky when the mood strikes ’em. Demonstrative at times, yes. And that demonstration, sometimes lasting only a few seconds or minutes, is an oh-so-nice, unexpected feeling; like the curious howl of a wolf in the hot, afternoon sun.

: serenely free of interruption or disturbance, complacent
— pla·cid·i·ty noun
— plac·id·ness noun

I’ll note, from my own personal observations of TenantX, some people who are bipolar have a Jekyll and Hyde personality in that they may be highly extroverted on Monday and then, conversely, extremely introverted on Tuesday.

One example of an extreme form of introversion might be where the bipolar person feels as if no one person (and that would include the entire human race) should be allowed to see, or glimpse at, his or her face and/or body, no matter how good a body shape the bipolar person has or how good looking they are. The aforementioned state of mind is an “episode” that does not last forever, according to one person I know who is bipolar.

When it comes to the feel good part of a bipolar person’s mindset, I almost feel a little sorry for those who have to drink more than a little and drug quite a bit in order to get off; in order to take the Electric Avenue elevator to get to the Land of Bacchanalia. To get wasted. On weekends. Or whenever.

1a Roman festival of Bacchus celebrated with dancing, song, and revelry
2 : orgy 2 b : orgy

All of the people pictured in this post had or have a mental illness of one kind or another and some of them are dignitaries, which is sayin’ something. That statement does not include the young woman seen wearing my hat who is accompanied by the young man with the Ted Nugent belt buckle pictured above as they wait for an MTS bus on Bayard Street in Pacific Beach/San Diego. Ditto for the MTS bus driver shown sitting in the cockpit, a photo that can be referred to as “picture #1.”

P.S. If you’re a young’en, an MMA fighter, or boxer, and you want a song to listen to as you get ready for a hot date or big fight, check out a song titled “Stranglehold”…it’s airtight and will do ya right. It’s by Ted Nugent, of all people. If you’re apolitical or a Democrat, steer clear of anything Nugent has to say. With that, the man does have a handful of good songs.

Defective and/or Incompetent Smoke Detectors at Diamond Apartments / Embassy Apartments

Yep, my smoke alarm is inefficient.

And that jeopardizes my life and personal possessions. It also compromises the life and property of any tenant who lives directly near my apartment unit.

And since my alarm is incompetent then there’s a chance that your smoke alarm might be incompetent.

Management needs to provide each and every tenant with what a fire marshal would call a ‘competent’ smoke alarm, and that would be an alarm that does not gamble with a tenant’s life. And then the defective and/or incompetent smoke alarm needs to be destroyed. As soon as Management furnishes me with a new alarm I’m going to smash the old one to bits with my favorite hammer.

Some apartment managers in the U.S. (and I imagine around the world) like to save money by not upgrading certain items like smoke alarms.

Other apartment managers are a little ‘clumsy’ because they are, for whatever reason, uninformed on important subject matters like smoke alarms. I sent Diamond Apartment / Embassy Apartment Management an email requesting a new smoke alarm. I am waiting for their response.

This post will be updated sometime between October 8 and October 20. It will be revised and overhauled with relevant information as to why some of the smoke alarms in various Diamond Apartment / Embassy Apartment units, and other apartment complexes in the U.S., might be declared defective and/or incompetent and/or pose as a significant risk to a tenants life, property and digital data.

1.Inadequate for or unsuited to a particular purpose or application.
2.Devoid of those qualities requisite for effective conduct or action.

Until this post is updated with said relevant information, it’s Management’s duty to know why a smoke alarm like the one in my apartment and the one in my 93 year old neighbor’s apartment would be considered inadequate.

The future update will include proof that is beyond reasonable doubt that will show that my smoke alarm, the senior citizen’s smoke alarm who lives in the apartment unit next door, and, potentially, other smoke alarms in other Diamond Apartment / Embassy Apartment units are either defective and/or inadequate.



I sent Management an email informing them that my smoke alarm needs to be replaced. They sent me an email that included a copy of Section 18 of the Rental Agreement. They did so in order to bring Section 18 to my attention. In response to Section 18 or the Rental Agreement, and in order to inform Embassy Apartments / Diamond Apartments of an unsafe policy that Management has in place regarding the use of incompetent smoke alarms, I sent them an email. Here is a copy of the email I sent them:

Embassy Apartment / Diamond Apartment Management forwarded me Section #18 of the Lease Agreement and that section says:

“The premises are equipped with a smoke detection device(s), and resident shall be responsible for reporting any problems, maintenance or repairs to owner. Owner shall have a right to enter the premises to check and maintain the smoke detection device as provided by law.”

1) Based on my first Embassy Apartment smoke alarm experience of great distinction, I would like to inform Embassy Apartment / Diamond Apartment Management that section 18 appears to be incomplete. It also appears to be intrinsically wrong. Intrinsically wrong because it omits critically important safety information: It does not inform the tenant that, much like a condom, a smoke alarm has an official recommended expiration date and/or a 10 year lifespan. Section 18 fails to inform the tenant that a smoke alarm should be destroyed and then replaced with a new one at the 10 year mark. That is a significant omission that can have a negative impact if a fire should ever start in an apartment building. In the interest of common sense and safety, I suggest that section 18 needs to be amended to inform the tenant of said official recommended expiration date/lifespan.

2) The smoke alarm in my apartment has been on my ceiling for 15 years. A consumer branch of the federal government declared it, the CodeOne2000, defective several years ago. That’s a serious problem. But that type of Section 18 ‘problem’, in this case a product recall notification, would not involve a tenant in that a tenant is least likely to be notified by the government or the manufacturer of the smoke alarm during the recall process. The recall process would start with the federal government, who would officially notify the manufacturer of the smoke alarm (Jameson Home Products) who would then, hopefully, officially notify the owner of the defective alarms (Embassy Apartments / Diamond Apartments). I would assume that Jameson Home Products does not know that I exist. I would assume that they do not know that Embassy Apartments / Diamond Apartments is loaning me a CodeOne2000. I would assume that Jameson Home Products does not know my name or have my contact information nor do they have the names and contact information of any tenant because tenants do not own the smoke alarm that is in their apartment unit. Management should have officially notified me, and fellow tenants, of the recall years ago, when the government mandated the recall. I’ll note that in the October 10, 2012 edition of USA Today that there is an article titled ‘Toyota Recalls 7.43M Vehicles for Fire Risk.’ One of the last sentences in that article states ‘Owners will get official notification of the recall by mail later this month.’ As stated, tenants do not appear to own the smoke alarm that Management provides to the tenant, it appears to be loaned out to the tenant.

3) I’ll note that Management has, on occasion, closely inspected my smoke alarm and on those occasions it should have been clear to them that, at the time of inspection, the CodeOne2000 smoke alarm was not only defective but older than 10 years of age. At the time of inspection Management said nothing/did nothing/acted as if the unit was a good unit when it fact the unit should have been destroyed due to being an inadequate safety device.

The question is: Was Management uninformed about the official recommended expiration date of a smoke alarm or did they fail to destroy it and then replace it with a new one for some other reason, for example, in order to save money? Either way, Embassy Apartment / Diamond Apartment Management compromised my safety, the safety of other tenants, and the safety of the building by not destroying and replacing my old smoke alarm.

4) It is possible that my CodeOne2000 was not one of the defective units in the batch, or on the list that was subject to recall. If that is the case, I think it would be wise, when discussing the recall of a life saving device like a smoke alarm, that one must take into account human error.

Human error on the part of a person and/or the government who may have declared my CodeOne2000 a good unit when in fact it may have been defective. But since a certain batch of CodeOne2000’s were declared officially defective I think the responsible thing to do would be to seize all CodeOne2000’s that are currently in place at 959 Felspar Street and then destroy them and replace each one with a new smoke alarm that has not been recalled by the federal government. Because it is a life saving device. Because of human error. Because in the event of a fire in an apartment unit it is better to be safe than sorry.

5) I took a look at Ms. Hanak’s smoke alarm in Apartment 2E and a) from the looks of it and b) from what Ms. Hanak said, she too needs a new smoke alarm. Keep in mind that as a senior citizen if her alarm fails to perform as it should her life and personal property would be in more jeopardy than you or I as she, being a 93 year old senior citizen, is not as fast on her feet as we are should she be in bed sound asleep when a fire breaks out. I’m not positive if Ms. Hanak’s alarm is a CodeOne2000. Ms. Hanak stated that her smoke alarm is probably the same smoke alarm that was in place when she moved in to her apartment unit in approximately 1998. That would make her smoke alarm a) approximately 14 years old and perhaps older than that and b) subject to being an inadequate/incompetent smoke alarm.

6) Management is gambling with the lives, personal property and digital data of tenants when they use and rely on a smoke alarm that is older than 10 years of age.

If management is not aware of the official recommended expiration date of a smoke alarm then Management is clearly uninformed and/or uneducated. It has been estimated that a smoke alarm that is older than 10 years of age may incur certain degradation, upwards of 30% degradation. On 10.09.2012 I destroyed my potentially defective CodeOne2000 smoke alarm with a hammer and had a new one put in place.

7) I would hope that Embassy Apartment / Diamond Apartment Management acts responsibly by taking action to a) make sure that each apartment unit does not have a CodeOne2000 smoke alarm in place and b) that each apartment unit does not have a smoke alarm that is older than 10 years of age in place. To not do so would be irresponsible and hazardous to tenants and their possessions.

8) I find it incomprehensible that, in this day of instant access to information thanks to computers, that Management did not inform tenant(s) of a recall mandated by the federal government for the CodeOne2000 smoke alarm.

I find it wrong and irresponsible of Management, and hazardous to tenants, to not keep track of all smoke alarms and to not seize and destroy any smoke alarm that is 10 years of age when spreadsheets are available for free on the Internet.

9) This Embassy Apartment smoke alarm experience of great distinction, regarding my expired and potentially defective CodeOne2000 smoke alarm, resembles another incident of similar distinction that took place in my apartment in late February 2009. It was then that I dodged the proverbial bullet: A fire almost started in my apartment that morning due to an electric short that took place outside on the patio. It was raining that day and the rain appeared to contribute to the near-fire. Out of the blue I heard a LOUD boom that shook me. My computer monitor went black. And then a large volume of smoke came pouring out of an area near the southwest side of my apartment unit. Afterwards, Management / Inga Nardone, acted in a way that was, on that day, very odd and inappropriate. If a fire marshal had been on the scene that day I believe that he, or she, would have approved of the quick-action that I took in order to stop a potential fire from spreading to nearby units and throughout the rest of the building. It is clear to me that some members of Management are not educated in certain principals of fire safety. Principals that would include the use of hardware like smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and fire hoses.

10) I would hope Management acts mature and perhaps learns a lesson from this email and that they do what’s right for the community, and what is safe for tenants, by implementing changes in policy, as opposed to acting vindictive by seeking to retaliate against me by using sleaze tactics in order to garner revenge. Management’s policy of using smoke alarms that are older than 10 years of age is a procedure that needs to be changed as soon as possible. And Management should not discourage tenants to grab a fire extinguisher and a fire hose when a tenant sees and hears signs that are indicative of a fire that, potentially, is about ready to start.

11) To tenants on Felspar Street and around the world: Of course there are tenants who do not like smoke alarms. Some of them consider smoke alarms to be a nuisance. Some of them remove the batteries permanently to avoid false alarms. And then they may go out to drink and frolic in an attempt to find an attractive mate on a Friday night. Other tenants who choose to be sober may go to a 12 Step Meeting at the local Alano Club on a Friday night.

When both parties leave their apartment there’s a good chance they don’t stop and pause to think that when they come home their apartment and possessions may have gone to hell for having been lost in a fire. Because at that moment in time on a Friday night they take life for granted. There’s nothing wrong with drinking and frolicking or going to a 12 Step Meeting on a Friday night. And it’s natural to take life for granted when you’re preoccupied with a certain endeavor. Many tenants realize that a renters insurance policy obtained from an insurance company is a paper document that would be considered a highly valuable asset that provides peace of mind. Those same tenants should realize that a small piece of hardware, hardware like a smoke alarm that is under 10 years of age, is hardware that can be thought of as a secondary form of renters insurance that provides additional peace of mind.

The picture below is my old CodeOne2000 that I smashed with a hammer.

Peter Mack
Unit 2D

When People Think You’re an Idiot…or Worse

It’s called “the box.” All of us spend time in the box.

But every so often certain people find themselves thinking outside the box. Outside of that box is a galaxy and you feel all alone in a vast spectrum of space as you, temporarily, float farther and farther away from the realm of normalcy, far from the box.

You’re so far out, so far away from the box, so far away from all the other people who inhabit the box that all the fish-line in the world strung end to end would not be long enough to reel you in.

I’ll come back to this post at a later date to give a proper name to that box. For now I’ll just call that box TLB which is an acronym for The Linear Box.

People who rarely stray outside the box are linear thinkers with very little highs and lows. Some people who think outside the box have the type of mind that, in tangential fashion, careen away from the box.

1. To lurch or swerve while in motion.
2. To rush headlong or carelessly)

Of course you’re not alone in the galaxy found outside the box, it just feels that way. It is there, in the galaxy outside the box, where you’ll find certain scientists, artists, lawyers, homeless people, detectives, field generals, even criminals. Of course many of them might be lucky enough to have one thing in common: they’re good at what they do, real good, with a bit of swashbuckle tucked in a corner of their soul.

The person known for straying outside the box might be agnostic or a religious zealot. That doesn’t matter. The galaxy outside the box is a form of heaven that does not contain a god or an overlord. It is not desirable to stay outside the box on a continuous, around the clock basis, 365 days a year. To do so would not be heaven. To do so would, arguably, be a state of mind that resembles a condition relative to insanity.

As for me, Peter Mack (which is my real world name and not a pseudonym), I’ve been called a lot of things. For instance, I’ve been called “delusional.”

You’re not a famous person, you toil away working as a store clerk. Which means any person can point to your words and ideas and laugh. That’s one way for them to claim that those word and ideas are not legitimate. They are in essence claiming your words, ideas and actions “have no weight.”

What they (the detractors) and you (the accused) don’t realize is that a Maya Angelou or a Muhammad Ali or a Stephen Hawking might have the same words and ideas. The average person often leaps to assign a favorable rating to an icon’s words and actions which insures instant, automatic legitimacy. Many of those people who assign instant praise to an icon are impulsive fans in knee-jerk mode blinded by fame and hype.

There is danger when the average layperson, or fan, assigns instant legitimacy to the work, words and actions of someone famous. Danger for both parties in that the recipient (the icon or celebrity receiving the high-praise) may not be sure if the praise, the accolades, are worthy. Danger for the fan in that they come off looking like just another sucker. Another sucker caught in the throes of hero worship.

The thing is the suckers and detractors make up the majority of the population.

The majority matters less if you’re in a gang with major clout. If you’re a famous person in the Celebrity Club then you’re one of the few who can come close to nullifying the majority.

1. a group of people with compatible tastes or mutual interests who gather together for social reasons.
2. a group of persons working together; squad; shift: a gang of laborers.)

I believe, in some cases, that if your words and ideas were presented to a celebrity or a societal icon there is a good chance that the icon would approve of your words and ideas. They might even be in awe of them. Maybe even a little jealous.

I have a couple of documents stored away for safekeeping. You can think of the words on those documents whenever a detractor assigns a negative label to any of your so-called weird, far-out ideas. You remember these words:

Document #1:
“There’s a wonderful delusional quality I possess that allows me to attempt things that are really bad ideas.”
Will Smith discussing the creation process.

Document #2:
“To tell you the truth, I’m kind of glad I can’t analyze it and tell you exactly what it all means. I sort of like that sense of mystery – or sense of stupidity.”
Paul McCartney discussing the creation process.

If I can get a hold of Stephen Hawking’s contact info I’m going to ask him one certain question about the creative process, just one. I doubt if he’ll respond back to me. I imagine he’s busy, has a lot of things to do. It might be harder for him to do things like answer mail, tons of mail, and make it through the day than it is for most able bodied people. And don’t forget, I’m an idiot…which is another reason why he may not respond back to me(?)

The Indians Beat Me to It (apache tribe, comanche tribe, sioux tribe jack off)

The love I have for San Diego is a tad intense. I remember one day long ago thinking about how I could express my love for San Diego. One idea that (no pun intended) sprang to attention: I saw myself standing on the shore in ankle high seawater. I unbuckled my belt, dropped my pants to knee level and grabbed my dick.

I closed my eyes and slowly but vigorously proceeded to engage in the universally accepted and widely practiced principal of the Self Applied Manual Hand Stimulation Process.

A.K.A. masturbation.

With eyes closed and ocean water swirling around my ankles I stroked it but I was not envisioning a lusty sexual act with another person as you might expect. In fact the idea of another person, at that particular moment in time, would have ruined the moment.

My dick was stiff but it was not from having been sexually stimulated, no, it was geographically stimulated by the scent and sound of the ocean, the luxury of warm sand pillowing my feet, along with visions of San Diego that ran through my mind.

Well, in case you’re wondering, that little scenario never came to fruition.

I don’t think this idea is an original idea, I bet other men have dropped their semen into the ocean while thinking about nothing but the good fruits of earth. If you think the idea absurd, vulgar or incomprehensible then you better think again as I could see an Indian performing the exact, same act way back in the day before the railroad and locomotive were invented. And then there’s John Muir. I could see someone like him expressing the same sort of appreciation up in the high Sierra’s or Yosemite Valley.


I Don’t Mean to Insult You (is love a drug?)

From this point on I will, in some posts, provide the definition of certain words found in a sentence. Some of those words will be easy, basic words and you’ll wonder what’s the point? Defining a simple word can generate one of many positive attributes. The definition might help me come to a quicker resolution when analyzing an issue or come in handy when something of substance requires a healthy dose of critical thinking.

1): to examine critically, so as to bring out the essential elements or give the essence of: to analyze a poem (2): to examine carefully and in detail so as to identify causes, key factors, possible results, etc.

There will be other words that might challenge people and they too will be defined. The definitions will be in italics for now. The use of italics will act as a signal to help those who want to bypass the definition.

President Bill Clinton cheated on his wife Hillary. He was put on trial for matters related to his affair with Monica Lewinsky Some people think he engaged in verbal tom-foolery when the grand jury asked him a question and he responded by saying

“It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.”

(1): to exist or live (2): to take place; happen; occur

And then there are people who struggle to define a certain feeling that involves great depth. And so they go to the dictionary to look up the word “love.”

(1): strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties (2): attraction based on sexual desire : affection and tenderness felt by lovers (3): affection based on admiration, benevolence, or common interests

I’m not trying to insult the intelligence of the reader when I define a word. In some cases I’ll define an easy word because I need a jump-start, a kick-start or a different perspective. There is power in simplicity.

(1): the state, quality, or an instance of being simple (2): freedom from complexity, intricacy, or division into parts: an organism of great simplicity