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I am Peter Mack and that is my real world name. Tenant-X is a real person and neighbor of mine who lives in the same apartment building I live in. This blog was created just for him as he goes through a contentious, domestic issue he’s dealing with on the homefront. More exactly, and a little ironically, I’m lending support to him as he goes through his first ever unfair and unjust Just Cause eviction. If you have something that you want us to read, stuff that might be a little personal and for our eyes only, you can contact either one of us by sending us an email. And if you have any questions about the San Diego, Tijuana area feel free to ask.

Peter Mack:

$$$ for you (though not much)

You may notice the picture in my header may change from time to time. Many of the pictures are of people I ran into on Garnet Avenue or elsewhere in the U.S.

I am not an ingrate.

And so if you should find yourself pictured in my blogs header then contact me and I’ll send you a small monetary gift that will cover the cost of a couple of meals at your favorite fast food restaurant. You will have to provide me with proof of I.D.

A copy of your drivers license should suffice. According to U.S. law, a person pictured on a website does not have to be remunerated if the website wasn’t built to generate a profit. Nevertheless, I will reward you with a small token of appreciation because that is my nature

I am fond of still image cameras and video cameras. If you’re a neighbor of mine you will never see your picture on my blog. Not unless I have your permission. Not unless you engage in a blatant criminal act that impacts me or a friend. If you accuse me or someone I know of a criminal act we did not commit, and you do so with conviction, and you do so with or without malice, I would consider posting your picture in order to inform people in my neighborhood of a very foolish person in our midst, one who breathes the same fresh air we breathe, despite the heavy layer of lies and filth that saturates the tongue of a person and deceiver who bears false witness.

The reason for the statement made above: There are people who live at Embassy Apartments/Diamond Apartments who accuse other tenants of uncivil or criminal acts they did not commit. In future posts I will explain why those things take place.


My name is Peter Mack. I live on Felspar Street in San Diego, California, on the 900 block. Today is February 20, 2012 and that means that this blog was officially launched on Presidents Day. Hallelujah to that!!

Talk about a double entendre. As the saying goes, “timing is everything.” And for that I, Peter Mack, am a lucky man. Lucky because the message I’m going to convey in several of my blog posts are messages that pertain to truth. Truth on the 900 block of Felspar Street.

That’s why the launching of this blog on Presidents Day represents a keen double entendre. Or in other words: An effort and message that has not one but two very important meanings. I’ll note that the message I’ll be conveying will, without a doubt, apply to my fellow neighbors who live in apartment buildings in areas like City Heights, Mission Valley, Ocean Beach, Hillcrest, Allied Gardens, North Park, Logan Heights, and the rest of the communities that make up the great city of San Diego. And it just might apply to people who live in apartment buildings in places like Omaha, Nashville, St. Louis, Rio De Janeiro, and Montreal, too.

These are just some of the reasons why I exclaim “Hallelujah!!”

And yes, the picture in my header was taken on Garnet Avenue. Garnet Avenue is located in San Diego, California. Who are those people seen in the picture? I don’t know who they are, I haven’t the slightest clue, but I feel darn lucky to have been able to capture them with my Nikon D-50. If that’s you in the picture, I’ll tell you what I try to tell every stranger I roll up on with a camera in my hand during an occasional street photography session: THANKS FOR COMING OUT AND BEING A PART OF LIFE AS OPPOSED TO STAYING HOME AND ACTING LIKE A FROZEN VEGETABLE. I’ll note that I will change the picture in my header every so often.

I also want to thank good people like Tim Berners-Lee for allowing RN’s a chance to have a voice. RN? I don’t mean your garden variety registered nurse. In this case I mean “a regular nobody.”

A regular nobody is someone who might blend into a crowd in Times Square, Horton Plaza  or your local supermarket. A regular nobody might be a homeless person, an auto mechanic, a librarian, or a deli worker who yearns to have a voice, with a strong desire to be heard about a subject they, in some cases, hold close to their heart.