Important Message From TenantX to Fellow Tenant’s Living at Embassy Apartments Regarding Cameras

The following is a release: TenantX wants you to know that you, and Management, have his permission to record him with a still camera or a video camera any time he is on Diamond/Embassy Apartment property also known as ‘The Embassy.’

TenantX lives on the southeast side of the building in Unit 2D, right behind where FOX News reporter Sherri Palmeri is shown reporting the news. TenantX is issuing this release for a specific reason. The specific reason may, or may not, be published to this post at a later date.

TenantX does not want me to publish his real-world name to this blog. If you want to know who TenantX is simply ask our apartment managers: Ray and Inga Nardone. I, Peter Mack, made sure that the Nardone’s are aware of this blog. I sent Management an email that included the web address to my blog.

It is possible the Nardone’s will claim they don’t know who TenantX is. I am basing that on my experience as a tenant at Diamond/Embassy Apartments located on Felspar Street in San Diego, California. Ray and Inga Nardone are prolific liars who mill around the apartment building, like machines, spinning lies and manufacturing false statements at whim, whenever they feel the need.

1 : marked by abundant inventiveness or productivity
2 : causing abundant growth, generation, or reproduction

1 : one that produces or processes people or things mechanically or in large numbers for example: a diploma mill or a rumor mill
2 : a machine that manufactures by the continuous repetition of some simple action
3 : the engine of an automobile or boat

But why? In in some cases a Nardone will use lies and slander to circumvent the pro-tenant, anti-Management Just Cause Eviction law. Another reason may be because their boss, the landlord, requires them to lie for any number of reasons including usurping the Just Cause Eviction law. If they, the Nardone’s, do as they’re told, perhaps they’ll get a monetary bonus? If they don’t lie then perhaps they’ll lose their job, paycheck and apartment? Speculation abounds…

The Nardone’s are, in several ways, an amazing, gifted, unbelievable pair of human beings. Be it at your place of work, be it at school, or be it at home, slander is a powerful tool when used by an authority figure like a teacher, boss or apartment manager. It’s a potent tool a dishonest man like Ray Nardone and a devious woman like Inga Nardone will use in order to accomplish their goals.

Aside from environmental factors that might make a human prone to being abjectly dishonest, there are genetic factors to consider.

A dishonest man (or dishonest apartment manager) like Ray Nardone, upon telling a lie to another person during a conversation, may experience a certain level of euphoria if he is able to successfully pass a lie off as the truth. A Ray Nardone might receive the same feeling a baseball player feels when they hit a line drive single or when a person jogs and receives what is known as the ‘runners high.’ Or what I call an endorphin rush. Then again maybe that feeling is not as euphoric as a runners high but instead is a lower version of satisfaction that is nevertheless superior in quality that serves to placate, or satiate, his senses.

A prevaricator like Inga Nardone may find it only a little less stimulating than receiving a satisfying orgasm. For someone liker her you might say: the bigger the lie she is able to use and get away with, the bigger the virtual orgasm she receives, figuratively speaking. Her satisfaction is compounded if the lie is a ruse that involves plotting, planning and multiple people. Multiple people in the form of other tenants who take everything, including her lies, to heart. And why wouldn’t a tenant believe what a person like Inga Nardone says? After all, she has a wonderful personality that inspires trust and believability, and I make that claim without a trace of sarcasm.

1. a person who speaks falsely; liar.

Does this sound preposterous to you? Or farfetched? It might. All of what I stated here is speculation on my part, or suppositional.. But this type of speculation is by no means preposterous when you consider that some members of the medical community might say that the euphoric, pleasing and stimulating feelings described above might indeed be felt by certain people who are genetically predisposed to lie much more often than someone without the same genetic pattern. Or the same pleasing feelings that are felt by someone a psychiatrist would diagnose as a ‘pathological liar.’

These are some of the reasons why TenantX has a notice on his door that refers to Ray Nardone as Slander King and Inga Nardone as Slander Queen. At this point in time I will not reveal the specific slanderous lies Ray and Inga Nardone have subjected TenantX to. Elsewhere on this blog you’ll find a post where I state that the Nardone’s once called TenantX a ‘racist,’ which constitutes just one incident of slander the Nardone’s created that I revealed – the other incidents of slander will be revealed at a later date.

Ray Nardone informed other tenants that TenantX is a racist. The fact is TenantX is not a racist. The fact is TenantX was angered by that slanderous statement. The fact is TenantX was emotionally hurt by that statement, very hurt. But what could TenantX do? Nothing, he’s just a tenant, a tenant who keeps to himself – he doesn’t patrol the hallways of Embassy Apartments the way Ray and Inga Nardone do.

TenantX is Caucacasian. The fact is, back in the 70’s, TenantX learned at a very young age that Caucasian people, Caucasian people just like the Nardone’s, can be just as evil, just as deceitful and just as sinister as any person of color – and thus racism makes no sense to TenantX. That is just one of many reasons why TenantX is not a racist.

One more thing: it is possible and conceivable that there are people who live at Diamond/Embassy Apartments, or neighbors who live in our good community on or around Felspar Strett, read this blog and are racist.

And so TenantX knows that he is not necessarily doing himself a favor by stating his feelings on racism when in fact he may be angering a neighbor or two who favor racism (as a matter of fact there was a very prominent neighbor who once lived at Embassy Apartments who told TenantX that he ‘had a problem’ with the Emancipation Proclamation – more on that in a future post.) Like cockroaches who feed off of rumors, gossip and crumbs, racism will never go away – in the United States racism is a wound that will never completely heal, and so TenantX knows that he may be taking a small risk by expressing his feelings against racism here on the Internet.

The slanderous Nardone machine, engineered by Ray and Inga Nardone, rolls through the hallways of Embassy Apartments with complete impunity. At risk is 15 years of good rental history that TenantX has to his name. TenantX refuses to let their gang tarnish and destroy all those years of good rental history. It’s a a gang that includes: Various people that are associated with Management, landlord George Lattimer, Ray ‘Slander King’ Nardone, Inga ‘Slander Queen’ Nardone, and select tenants at Embassy Apartments who aid and abet Management.

: exemption or freedom from punishment, harm, or loss, for example: laws were flouted with impunity

If you’re a gay or straight person who considers yourself a pretty honest individual, and you’re in a relationship with someone who comes close to being a pathological liar or would be diagnosed as a pathological liar by a psychiatrist, then you can expect your relationship to be a rocky one filled with headaches and heartache – because some humans find using slander and telling lies almost as exciting as robbing a bank or as stimulating as sniffing a line of cocaine or as pleasing as having really good sex with a loved one, it’s their nature. Now, back on track…

As for the release, the only thing that TenantX will state regarding the release is that:

a) he issued this release approximately several years ago in an email he sent to Diamond/Embassy Apartment Management and so it can be said that Management has prior knowledge of this release.

b) TenantX and Peter Mack reserve the right to revoke this release at any time.

c) if you’re saying to yourself ‘Hey I’ve seen that news reporter on TV before what’s her name?’ you’re right, you have seen her before, her name is Sherri Palmeri.

Ms. Palmeri is giving a news report. The report was related to a violent incident that involved Embassy Apartments. The unidentified cameraman is shooting film for FOX News San Diego – at one point all major San Diego television news stations (CBS, NBC, ABC, etc.) were on the scene that day. Embassy Apartments is shown in the background. The filming took place in the alley behind Embassy Apartments, the same alley and almost at the same location where TenantX used his camera to capture a potential bad guy breaking into his neighbors car (details of that incident can be found in the post titled ‘Potential Bad Guy Caught on Camera at TenantX’s Apartment Complex’).

TenantX Captures (With Camera) 2 Thieves in Beach Community

This is the first sit down, person to person, Question and Answer interview, that I, Peter Mack, am having with TenantX. There may be more Q&A interviews to come.

PM: So how’s it going?

TX: Not good. I had some photos of two thieves I captured on camera that I couldn’t find. I was just lookin for them. I wanted you to post them on your blog. I just got done lookin for them but I couldn’t find them. I got one more place to look. When I find them I’ll let you post them – but that’s if I find them. I am very, very disappointed that I couldn’t find them. I hope they’re around somewhere.

PM: So are the pictures just like the ones I posted where it shows a strange man breaking into your neighbors gray/silver car? And that would be the pictures in the post titled “Potential Bad Guy Caught on Camera at TenantX’s Apartment Complex.”

TX: No, they’re different, much different.

PM: How so?

TX: First of all both incidents involved a certain amount of risk for me. The one involving my neighbor’s car involved a significant amount of risk. The one involving the car cover involved a little less risk.

PM: Car cover?

TX: Yeah I’ll get to that in a bit. But first I want to point out that the photos seen in the post titled “Potential Bad Guy Caught on Camera at TenantX’s Apartment Complex” were taken from my patio balcony. The potential bad buy saw me taking pictures of him. And that’s no good, that’s where the risk comes in, the moment he spotted me with camera in hand he knew where I lived. Although you blocked his face out with Photoshop you can see in a couple of those pics where he actually stops searching around the inside of my neighbor’s car and then starts to focus on me.

PM: And so where does the risk factor come in?

TX: In the form of retaliation. When you’re in a scenario like that there’s a chance the bad guy might come back later to retaliate. Now if I was taking pictures from the 14th level of a 20 story building, there’s much less risk. But I live close to the ground.

PM: So why’d you take the risk?

TX: Several reasons. For one, at the time it felt like the right thing to do. Two, I wanted to help a fellow tenant in the event something bad happened to her car. At the moment of discovery I had no idea if he was trying to hot wire her car in order to steal it. Or if he was trying to steal a stereo or what. Three, I once heard a cop say “During the event of a crime you, the average citizen, need to be the best witness you can be!” Makes sense to me, I firmly believe that motto. So I decided to get my digital camera and start shooting. And four, I kinda feel like it’s a civic duty. I feel that particular incident was just a little Neighborhood Watch effort on my part. I had less riskier alternatives though.

PM: What alternatives?

TX: I coulda played it safer. Much safer. He was at ground level. I was on my second story patio balcony. I coulda not used the camera. I coulda bent down low, kept my body low and out of sight, noted his physical appearance and then called the cops. Which is what I basically did the second I spotted him. I noted his appearance and then went back inside my apartment to call the cops. It was after I called the cops that I went back outside on to the patio balocony to capture him with a still camera.

PM: Events like that happen fast, lightening fast. Any regrets? Anything you learned from that experience?

TX: No regrets. The guy, the perp, the POI (person of interest), or whatever you want to call him never came back around. And I never saw him again anywhere in the community. But here’s the deal: If I had a kid, like a son or a daughter, I’m not so sure that I’d want them to do what I did, I mean, unless they live up high say like on the 10th level of a tall apartment building. When you involve yourself in an event like that the way I did you don’t know if the POI is a gang member or what. Then again everything ain’t relative when it comes to the advice a parent gives to their kids in a Neighborhood Watch matter. If your son or daughter has a cabinet full of rifles and shotguns and a Kevlar vest hanging in the closet the way a Green Beret or street cop might have well then that’s different. But if all they have are a few tennis rackets and Super Soaker water guns in the cabinet…

PM: And so is it safe to say that you weren’t wearing a Kevlar vest when you grabbed your camera and started shooting pics of him?

TX: That is correct. And if he had come back at a later point in time to retaliate I would not have been able to put a Kevlar on cause I don’t own one.

PM: You made some good points with your reference to the advice a caring parent should give to a son or daughter as it relates to home security and the Neighborhood Watch concept. The Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman case sorta reinforces that point.

TX: Yes the Martin / Zimmerman case is an interesting one. I’ll note that George Zimmerman appeared to be working as some sort of roving, on guard, on duty Neighborhood Watch volunteer who was armed with a gun. I don’t know all the facts of the case, but Zimmerman appeared to be like a Guardian Angel in that he was “on duty” the way a Guardian Angel would be. Of course the Guardian Angels are unarmed.

PM: Let’s get back on track as it relates to your neighbors car… I’ve seen the photos of his face before I blocked his face out with Photoshop, and that would be the two pics where he stops searching around the inside of your neighbor’s car and looks right up at you. He even leans out of the car to get a better look at you. Did he say anything to you at that moment?

TX: No comment… for now.

PM: What was the POI doing while you were shooting?

TX: He was lookin all around the inside of the car – in the front and the back – under the seat – under the dash. It was like he was lookin for something.

PM: How close, physically close, were you to the POI?

TX: Like I said, he was at ground level and I was on the second level. But distance-wise, maybe 30, 40 feet away from each other, not far.

PM: Moving on…so what photos did you have that you wanted me to post to my blog but couldn’t find? You said something about a car cover…

TX: I once had an old Mustang with two car covers, one cover was silver the other one was light tan. I had the silver one on and one morning I went out to my car and it, the silver car cover, was gone. My car was parked on Diamond or Emerald Street that day, ’bout two blocks from where we live on Felspar Street.

PM: So what happened next?

TX: Well it wasn’t windy so I knew it hadn’t blown off. We get little ‘wind storms’ every so often. The wind will whip out to like, I don’t know, maybe 5, 10 or 15 miles an hour or something like that. But not that day, there was no wind that day. Plus I had a cable with a lock on it so it was obvious that someone cut the cable and made off with it. A hunch came to me…I made a bee-line over to the church, St. Brigid’s Church over on Cass Street, that was the first thing that came to mind.

PM: The church? Why’d you decide to go there of all places?

TX: I don’t know for sure, but it was the first thing that popped into my head: Go to St. Bridgid’s Church! When I got there I saw two homeless men outside of the church. And they had my car cover in their possession. I just had a feeling that maybe, just maybe, a homeless person made off with it. Then again my car was parked right near the church so that too made me think it’d be wise to walk over to the church to scout the premises.

PM: So what did you do when you saw them with your car cover?

TX: Went to a pay phone and called the cops. And one cop who rides alone showed up.

PM: Do you know his name?

TX: I’d seen him around many times, back then he was a Northern Division regular, I guess, which means Pacific Beach was his beat. But I haven’t seen him in many years. Maybe he’s a detective now? I don’t know. He was tall, like 6’2″, lean, about 180lbs, maybe in his 50’s. He kinda looked a little like an old television actor from the 60’s, an actor by the name of Dennis Weaver. I think he (the cop) had a mustache and I’m pretty sure he was wearing eyeglasses at the time.

PM: I remember Dennis Weaver. Now what about the photos you took? Where do they come into this story?

TX: I got my car cover back and I went about my business that day. The next day I was on my bike and I crossed paths with the two of ’em. I mean I turned a corner and there they were, it was a chance meeting. We didn’t say anything we just glanced at each other and I went on about my business. But then an idea came to me…I got to thinkin…I made a bee-line to the drug store. Something inside of me said “Go buy a camera at Long’s Drugstore and then go take pictures of them.”

PM: Long’s Drugstore?

TX: Yeah on Mission Boulevard it’s where CVS is now.

PM: Okay, right, but why take pictures of them? What was the point of doing that? The cop, the one who looked like Dennis Weaver, the same one who used to patrol your neighborhood already had identified them, so it wasn’t like you needed to show some pictures of them to the police.

TX: Well, first of all, if I remember correctly, I think the cop said that one or both men had a criminal record or history or something like that. So yeah, the cop ran a background check on them when we were at the church. And I must say…there’s one thing I’m leaving out of this story and it’s because it’s none of anyone’s business. I’ll just say this: When I observed the officer dealing with the two men he did so in kind of a way that a father deals with two little boys who are acting bad and I’ll leave it at that.

PM: Right, I get it, I think. Okay, back to the photos, why did you take them and what for?

TX: This all happened around ’97 or ’98, I think. Then again maybe it was 2000 or 2001. Way before digital cameras came out on the market. I had no interest in street photography like I kinda do now. You and I knew each other back then.

PM: Yep, we sure did.

TX: And it was long before you became computer literate. Meaning, you had yet to learn how to use a computer, meaning, you didn’t have a copy machine like you do now. So what I was gonna do, the reason I took pictures of the two men: I was going to blow the pictures up at Kinko’s and post them on 4 or 5 telephone poles located around the Felspar Street area. (Note: FedEx bought Kinko’s out.)

PM: Why?

TX: When I saw them the next day I was annoyed. Just annoyed. There they were… walking around scopin’ out the neighborhood and that annoyed me. I have no problem with homeless people. But if they rip me off or rip someone I know off then that’s a concern. At the time my thinking was that if they saw their pictures on a telephone pole then maybe that would get them to leave the Garnet/Felspar Street area.

PM: Post their pictures on telephone poles?

TX: Yeah telephone poles, street light poles, whatever. I figure it would put a little heat on them knowing that the community was aware, that the community was, figuratively speaking, watching them. Of course I was going to tack a text message to the picture, a message stating that these two guys had stolen something from a member of the immediate community and that YOU might be next. I remember at the time thinking ‘Well now I gotta go buy a staple gun.’ A staple gun that I figured I was gonna use maybe only 5 or 6 times maybe more if they needed to be reposted due to rain, wind, or someone tearing the posts down. I had never owned a staple gun let alone used one. At the time I wondered if there were different sized staples to pick from. I wondered if the staple gun I was about to purchase would do the job. Then again some of the poles in my neighborhood are made out of metal so that would have required a different method of attachment. For about 2 or 3 days I on occasion thought all about staple guns.

PM: Do you remember where you saw the two men the second time after you found them in possession of your car cover?

TX: Not exactly, but I think it was near St. Brigid’s Church again, right around Emerald or Diamond Street, the very next day I believe (the day after I caught them with my car cover). And when I did I bolted to the drugstore to buy a throw-away camera. After I left the drugstore a little later in the day I saw them on Garnet Avenue. And when I did I got off my bike, walked up to them and started snapping pictures of them. And those are the pictures I can’t find right now. I hope to find them later, if not, wow, I’ll be disappointed cause I like photos of the old days.

PM: So after the film was developed and you got the newly developed pictures back from the drugstore did you post them to some telephone poles around the neighborhood?

TX: No.

PM: Why not?

TX: Back then you sometimes had to wait a week or so for the drugstore to develop the film. So I had to wait a week – then again maybe they were ready 24 or 48 hours later but for whatever reason it took me a week to pick them up from the drugstore. And during that week I never saw those two men again. It was during that week that I came to conclude that those two men had basically said “Adios” and left Pacific Beach. That’s why I never posted them around the neighborhood.

PM: Why do you think they left the beach community? Do you think you scared them off?

TX: How would I know? I don’t know. Maybe during that week, the week that I was waiting for the film to be developed, one of them won the Lotto, split the money in half, bought two mansions in Beverly Hills, and the rest is history. Then again, yeah, maybe they didn’t like the fact that a cop who looked like Dennis Weaver had treated them like two bad little boys and a citizen, a motivated, inspired citizen with a camera had all of a sudden taken a keen interest in them. They could have left the beach community for any number of reasons.

PM: What do you say to people out there who are skeptical that you were able to verify they had left town? I mean, San Diego’s big, there are millions of people who live in San Diego.

TX: Wow, that’s a good question, but it’s one that involves a lot of answers. First off, when it comes to any accusations or statements that I make on your blog it’s time for me to say this: polygraph exams are relatively inexpensive nowadays. I’ll pay for the polygraph exam and we’ll meet at the examiners place of business. If I pass the test then you pay me three times the amount of the test, if I don’t pass the test you don’t pay a dime. The fact is Pacific Beach is a tight, compact, walk-to-everywhere type of community that has a fair amount of homeless people I call ‘regulars.’ A regular is someone you see all the time when you go out. I’m not agoraphobic – although I was agoraphobic for a little while due to mental trauma – but I’m not perpetually agoraphobic. And I’m not a couch potato. Meaning I get outside. Meaning I see all the regulars, the regular cast of characters, the usual suspects, be they homeless or not. I might also call a regular a ‘fixture.’ Add some people mights say that PB is a homeless person’s paradise. There are homeless regulars that have been around for 10 years that I’m aware of. Then there are the homeless regulars who all of a sudden drop off the face of the earth. You and I have been living in PB for 15 plus years, we both have a tendency to get outside, so we’re both familiar with the regulars.

(agoraphobic: abnormal fear of being helpless in an embarrassing or unescapable situation that is characterized especially by the avoidance of open or public places)

PM: I agree. I remember an old homeless regular who called himself ‘Paul the Poet,’ a tall, bearded, homeless man who went M.I.A. Anyway…

TX: It’s possible those two homeless men are still living in San Diego but on a different side of town. All I know is they left PB (Pacific Beach) a week later and when they did I never saw them again – so it’s been over 10 years since I last saw them.

PM: And then don’t forget we live right around the block from Garnet Avenue.

TX: That’s right. Garnet Avenue is not the main drag in San Diego. Garnet Avenue is the main drag in Pacific Beach. Garnet has a little color, a little flavor to it. Garnet, in a small way, reminds me of Haight Street up in San Francisco. And like Haight Street the homeless tend to ambulate up and down Garnet. Sometimes they’ll sit on the sidewalk and ask for money.

am·bu·late (mby-lt)
intr.v. am·bu·lat·ed, am·bu·lat·ing, am·bu·lates
To walk from place to place; move about.

PM: Okay. I want to remind young people who are reading this that back in the late 90’s digital cameras were not mass marketed like they are today and that meant you had to have a developer develop the film for you. Sometimes you could get the pictures back the next day, sometimes you had to wait a little longer. Anything you want to add?

TX: We need to end this session now I gotta go. I’ll try and find the images, I’m bothered by the fact that I can’t find them. They were just two young homeless men in their 20’s with backpacks on their back. I think one of them was wearing eyeglasses if I remember correctly. I may have some more things to add to this post and if I do it will be at my discretion, at any time. So there may be additional info added in the future from time to time.

PM: Right, you never did say how they reacted when you started taking pictures of them.

TX: Maybe I’ll talk about that later, as for now I’m outta time. I’ll end this by saying that if you in some way associate with Ray Nardone or Inga Nardone keep in mind that they are a slanderous couple who try and make certain good tenant’s out to be bad tenant’s. If you’re the type of person who thinks lying is a gift then make no mistake about it Ray Nardone and Inga Nardone are two gifted people a man like Bernie Madoff would have loved to have had on his side.

PM: I hear ya.

TX: And one more thing: I don’t like sharing this story or any of the photos – not at all. To me this story is no big deal – it’s not something to brag about. I’m only sharing it with the Internet community because I’m dealing with two apartment managers, a Management group and a few tenants who sympathize with Management or aid and abet Management, a literal gang of people, who are causing me trouble by spreading misinformation, slandering my name, and trying to provoke or intimidate me. It’s like a mini-witch hunt, a smear campaign, orchestrated by two devoutly religious people: Ray Nardone and Inga Nardone. Look…I don’t party. But I ain’t lookin to come off lookin like Scott Chipman, the local PB guy who had a strong hand and a strong voice in shutting down the PB Block Party, shutting down the medical marijuana dispensaries, and banning alcohol on the beach. If I wind up finding the pictures of those two homeless men I’m going to have you block out their faces with Photoshop so no one can see who they are.

PM: Why?

TX: Because people change, people make mistakes and maybe, just maybe, those two homeless guys changed for the better, and outin’ them by showing their faces would not be the right thing to do. Outin’ Management and outin’ the Nardone’s with your blog is the right thing to do.

PM: Got it…good luck finding those old pics and thanks for your time.

    FRIDAY, 9.14.12 UPDATE


    TUESDAY, 9.18.12 UPDATE


PM: Describe what took place in this photo.

TX: This photo, like all the other images in the post titled ‘Potential Bad Guy Caught On Camera At TenantX’s Apartment Complex’ was shot while I leaned over my patio balcony. Here you see him take notice of me for the very first time. Up to that point in time he had been searching all around the inside of my neighbor’s car. At this point, when I snapped the photo, he is sitting straight up in the drivers seat. By the way this incident occurred in the early part of the morning when none of the businesses that line the alleyway were open for business. I think there are approximately 12 or 13 boutiques, hair salons, restaurants, nail salons, coffee shops, banks, etc, etc, that are in that particular alley.

PM: What happened in this photo?

TX: In this photo he actually leans his body and head out of the car a little and shoots me a look as if to say ‘Hey is someone actually taking pictures of me, what the heck?’ although I wish you’d cropped the image because then, with a cropped image, you’d be able to see the angle of lean a little better. Shoot… why didn’t you crop the image?

PM: No time to do that right now, maybe I’ll crop it and then repost the revised, cropped image at a later date.

PM: And so this must be one of the thieves…

TX: Yes it is… I’ll refer to him as Thief #1 and if you know PB then you’ll instantly recognize Bayard Street and Bank of America in the background, this image was captured on Garnet Avenue. It was taken long before cell phones became a must have item, when only a very small minority of people owned a cell phone and several years before you could buy a cell phone that had a camera built into it. The picture was taken on Garnet at around 9am in the morning at a time of day when there is very little pedestrian traffic and only a small amount of vehicular traffic. It was, essentially, for the most part, just me and them…

PM: You got a little close to him in this shot.

TX: That’s the yogurt shop in the background although back then it was not a yogurt shop. At this point we’re walking west toward Mission Boulevard away from Bayard Street, although we’re still located on Garnet Avenue right in front of PB Bar and Grill.

PM: Okay. I’ll note that I’ll be posting pictures of Thief #2 tomorrow for you.

TX: Thanks, I appreciate the help your providing me with by posting my images. I appreciate the fact that you started a blog to fight the slander that Ray Nardone and Inga Nardone slander me with. Not all apartment managers are bad, I’ve had good one’s, actually I’ve had some very good one’s over the years. The level of dishonesty, deceit and lies that Ray and Inga Nardone employs is stunning. And so I appreciate the fact that you started a blog to fight an illegal eviction and speaking of stunning, I’m always a little stunned, even to this day, that you started a blog to fight dishonest people like Ray Nardone and Inga Nardone and the rest of their team at Diamond/Embassy Apartments who are trying to ruin 15 or 16 years of good rental history.

PM: You’re welcome. I’ll note that TenantX has much more information to share. Information that will show the Nardone’s as people who have a habit of not telling the truth. Information that will show unprofessional and blatant incompetency on their part despite their ‘professional’ apartment manager job title. Information that will show several tenants who have aided Ray and Inga Nardone and have committed some very foolish acts against TenantX.

PM: Okay… here we are with Thief #2. Once again WOW you got up close to this guy just like you did in the pictures you took of Thief #1.

TX: Yes I got a little close but I can’t answer any of your questions about these images until a later date.

PM: Yes I’ve got questions about the images you captured of Thief #2, you bet I do.

When People Think You’re an Idiot…or Worse

It’s called “the box.” All of us spend time in the box.

But every so often certain people find themselves thinking outside the box. Outside of that box is a galaxy and you feel all alone in a vast spectrum of space as you, temporarily, float farther and farther away from the realm of normalcy, far from the box.

You’re so far out, so far away from the box, so far away from all the other people who inhabit the box that all the fish-line in the world strung end to end would not be long enough to reel you in.

I’ll come back to this post at a later date to give a proper name to that box. For now I’ll just call that box TLB which is an acronym for The Linear Box.

People who rarely stray outside the box are linear thinkers with very little highs and lows. Some people who think outside the box have the type of mind that, in tangential fashion, careen away from the box.

1. To lurch or swerve while in motion.
2. To rush headlong or carelessly)

Of course you’re not alone in the galaxy found outside the box, it just feels that way. It is there, in the galaxy outside the box, where you’ll find certain scientists, artists, lawyers, homeless people, detectives, field generals, even criminals. Of course many of them might be lucky enough to have one thing in common: they’re good at what they do, real good, with a bit of swashbuckle tucked in a corner of their soul.

The person known for straying outside the box might be agnostic or a religious zealot. That doesn’t matter. The galaxy outside the box is a form of heaven that does not contain a god or an overlord. It is not desirable to stay outside the box on a continuous, around the clock basis, 365 days a year. To do so would not be heaven. To do so would, arguably, be a state of mind that resembles a condition relative to insanity.

As for me, Peter Mack (which is my real world name and not a pseudonym), I’ve been called a lot of things. For instance, I’ve been called “delusional.”

You’re not a famous person, you toil away working as a store clerk. Which means any person can point to your words and ideas and laugh. That’s one way for them to claim that those word and ideas are not legitimate. They are in essence claiming your words, ideas and actions “have no weight.”

What they (the detractors) and you (the accused) don’t realize is that a Maya Angelou or a Muhammad Ali or a Stephen Hawking might have the same words and ideas. The average person often leaps to assign a favorable rating to an icon’s words and actions which insures instant, automatic legitimacy. Many of those people who assign instant praise to an icon are impulsive fans in knee-jerk mode blinded by fame and hype.

There is danger when the average layperson, or fan, assigns instant legitimacy to the work, words and actions of someone famous. Danger for both parties in that the recipient (the icon or celebrity receiving the high-praise) may not be sure if the praise, the accolades, are worthy. Danger for the fan in that they come off looking like just another sucker. Another sucker caught in the throes of hero worship.

The thing is the suckers and detractors make up the majority of the population.

The majority matters less if you’re in a gang with major clout. If you’re a famous person in the Celebrity Club then you’re one of the few who can come close to nullifying the majority.

1. a group of people with compatible tastes or mutual interests who gather together for social reasons.
2. a group of persons working together; squad; shift: a gang of laborers.)

I believe, in some cases, that if your words and ideas were presented to a celebrity or a societal icon there is a good chance that the icon would approve of your words and ideas. They might even be in awe of them. Maybe even a little jealous.

I have a couple of documents stored away for safekeeping. You can think of the words on those documents whenever a detractor assigns a negative label to any of your so-called weird, far-out ideas. You remember these words:

Document #1:
“There’s a wonderful delusional quality I possess that allows me to attempt things that are really bad ideas.”
Will Smith discussing the creation process.

Document #2:
“To tell you the truth, I’m kind of glad I can’t analyze it and tell you exactly what it all means. I sort of like that sense of mystery – or sense of stupidity.”
Paul McCartney discussing the creation process.

If I can get a hold of Stephen Hawking’s contact info I’m going to ask him one certain question about the creative process, just one. I doubt if he’ll respond back to me. I imagine he’s busy, has a lot of things to do. It might be harder for him to do things like answer mail, tons of mail, and make it through the day than it is for most able bodied people. And don’t forget, I’m an idiot…which is another reason why he may not respond back to me(?)

Potential Bad Guy Caught On Camera At TenantX’s Apartment Complex

TenantX has many things to say about the incident pictured below. It is 3:52pm PST and the day is relatively still a little young. Nevertheless TenantX has been ill all day and thus the additional information that needs to be supplemented with this post will be published tomorrow if TenantX recovers from his illness.

As for now the only information I can provide is that:

TenantX captured the incident with his camera

the incident took place on Diamond/Embassy Apartment property

the car belongs to a female tenant who resides at Diamond/Embassy Apartments and who bears a striking resemblance to famed anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, who is also the 2012 vice presidential nominee of the Peace and Freedom Party

the man detained by police did not know the owner of the car and did not have her permission to enter her car and at the moment of discovery appeared to be breaking in to her car

in TenantX’s opinion the two SDPD officers who came out to field the call handled the matter in a very professional manner. The names of both officers are known. Their names will be noted when the details of this incident are finally published.

Thank you, officers.

-pete mack / friend of tenantx

Today is September 11, 2012 and Here’s What’s Cookin’ (mission statement revisited)

You’ll see a post that I made a few days ago titled:

“That Deadly Feeling”

In that post I wrote:

“And there will be more interesting posts that will be posted throughout the week of September 9th. In other words, this blog is about ready to pick up steam, it’s about ready to rock and roll. I like to think of it as a new beginning.”

I’m keeping my word: Indeed, there will be at least one post that I will be publishing later today that some people may find interesting. That post will pertain to TenantX. Once again, at the risk of sounding repetitive, some of the reasons that TenantX and I are publishing these type of posts and will over the course of time continue to publish these type of goal oriented posts include:

> to inform fellow tenants and prospective tenants that live or are contemplating living at 959 Felspar Street in San Diego that Diamond/Embassy Apartment Management would like you to believe that TenantX, in some form or fashion, has allegedly committed uncivil, criminal acts in the Diamond/Embassy Apartment building when in fact that is untrue, when in fact he is non-violent and not a threat to personal property or people of any race, creed or color

> to fight the lies and slander Management uses against TenantX

> to fight the prejudice

> to try and prevent Management from evicting him from his apartment and then placing him on a virtual Blacklist

> to try and preserve and maintain 15 long years of good rental history on Felspar Street

> to expose and provide information about the various dirty tactics Management uses (ploys, subterfuge, ruses, provocation, etc) that are intended to cause trouble to a good San Diego tenant, a tenant that, on this blog, I refer to as “TenantX”

> to shed light and provide information on just how and why Management’s state of mind is geared towards retaliation

> to shed light and provide details on how Management is retaliating against a good tenant who either condemned, complained, stood his ground, acted as a whistle-blower or took legal action when Management failed miserably to act in a righteous, fair, and proper manner and/or acted in an outrageous, highly aberrant manner

> and last, but not least, but almost as important as the items stated above: to help other good people, other good tenants in the U.S., by sharing TenantX’s experiences with those who may be experiencing the same set of circumstances, the same level of unfairness, the same dirty tactics, no matter if they are or are not covered by the Just Cause Eviction law

It is our hope that posts related to the goals stated above, from this point on, will be tended to and published to this blog on an incremental, daily basis, barring bad days, death or injury. These goals will take time to accomplish and should be accomplished within a week or two or by September 30, 2012 or sooner.

Based on the alternatingly hostile environment Management has created for TenantX, based on a physical environment that favors Management and would allow Management to exercise subterfuge and machination with relative ease, and based on incidents that have already taken place on Diamond/Embassy Apartment property, death or injury to TenantX or myself is not out of the question at this point in time on September 11, 2012. And yes, we do have examples of said incidents that will be published to this blog.

pete mack / friend of tenantx

[uh-ber-uhnt, ab-er-]
1.departing from the right, normal, or usual course.
2.deviating from the ordinary, usual, or normal type; exceptional; abnormal.

TenantX Arrested For Theft (san diego county jail)

Ray and Inga Nardone manage Diamond/Embassy Apartments. The three-story apartment building is located a block and a half away from the Pacific Ocean at 959 Felspar Street in San Diego, California. When the Nardone’s target a good tenant for an eviction, it is their job, their duty, to make the good tenant they’re targeting for an eviction look bad by creating slander and then spreading the slander around the apartment building.

(slander: oral defamation, in which someone tells one or more persons an untruth about another which untruth will harm the reputation of the person defamed. Slander is a civil wrong (tort) and can be the basis for a lawsuit)

Outside of the apartment building they manage, a Nardone will spread slander on Felspar Street to any neighbor or person who’s willing to listen to a Nardone talk. It might be fair to say that same devious technique may, or may not, apply to other members of the Diamond/Embassy Apartment staff.

It appears to both TenantX and I that slander is the tool, the weapon, the bread and butter they use in order to, as Ray Nardone once said, “find loopholes” in the Just Cause Eviction law, a law that many property owners have a strong disdain for, a law that favors tenants.

TenantX and I both live on the second floor. The Nardone’s live on the third floor. If Ray and Inga Nardone disagree with that statement or anything posted on this blog, no problem: The Nardone’s are free to post a comment to this blog. A comment that tells us just how they “find loopholes” in the Just Cause Eviction law would be a great way for them to start off. Lord knows they both love to talk, and gossip, talk, and gossip…

They’re welcome to post a response at any time. I promise not to edit their comment. Management (the Nardone’s, George Lattimer the landlord, and his legal team: Kimball, Tirey, St. John) know about this website, I made sure they did by emailing them the address to my blog.

Believe it or not, the Nardone’s are senior citizens. TenantX thinks that, at their age, they have no intention of ever becoming honest people. He says they’re a high-strung, fast talking, double talking, married couple who use slander to hurt, harass and ridicule tenants they target. According to TenantX they’re not real people, they’re phonies, actors who walk around with an odd, warped moral compass who just happen to go to church every Sunday.

TenantX has been around. He’s lived in San Francisco, New York, San Luis Obispo (California), Concord (California), Santa Rosa (California), Stockton (California) and Walnut Creek (California). Many years ago he befriended some people who did not “walk a straight line” and over the course of his lifetime he’s befriended some really good people who worked in law, engineering, construction, etc, etc.

Based on his history I believe TenantX is a good judge of character, but only if he is afforded ample time, a significant amount of time, to assess that particular persons character. And he believes that no matter how many 10lb bags of sugar Ray and Inga Nardone add to their personality in order to make them sound super sweet and oh so nice when they talk to tenants, they are two phony people whose words and opinions are not always believable.

What TenantX finds utterly striking is the complete ease you see on the face of a Ray and Inga Nardone when they look you straight in the eye and tell a lie. Perhaps that characteristic, with a Nardone, is something genetic(?) For example, maybe it’s a genetic defect, or quality, that’s related to something pathological.

(1: of or relating to pathology
(2: altered or caused by disease; also : indicative of disease
(3: being such to a degree that is extreme, excessive, or markedly abnormal)

Then again their propensity for lying may be due to something that’s environmental, for example something bad or harsh that took place earlier in their life many years ago when they were children or teenagers. TenantX and I will discuss some of those possibilities in a future post because, well, we both think that any human being that lies with great ease and frequency is a human being that we consider a fascinating subject.

Sigmund Freud, where are you when we need you?

Furthermore, TenantX believes the Nardone’s to be incompetent, clumsy apartment managers. He tells me he has photos that he wants me to post that will show their incompetence. In some cases those photos will show that the Nardone’s have literally compromised the safety and welfare of the community at large and the tenants who live at Diamond/Embassy Apartments on Felspar Street.

I assured TenantX that I will post those images for him and I assure you, the reader, that those photos, that evidence, will be posted within the next two weeks. Dealing with life and maintaining a blog takes time, so please bear with me.

I suppose Department 5 Superior Court Judge Cindy Davis might be interested to learn just how the Nardone’s and landlord George Lattimer “find loopholes” in a law that is so concise, so simple and so uncomplicated that any layperson with a 3rd grade education would not have a problem comprehending.

When TenantX and I read the Just Cause Eviction law word for word there does not appear to be any loopholes to exploit. In our opinion, any exploitation of the Just Cause Eviction law would be the creation, the machination, of an illegal eviction crafted and presented to an unsuspecting judge in order to look legal in a court of law.

(1: an act of machinating
(2: a scheming or crafty action or artful design intended to accomplish some usually evil end)

If the Nardone’s or anyone representing Management take offense to any of the above, let it be known that TenantX can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Ray Nardone stated that “Management can find loopholes” in the Just Cause Eviction law. TenantX assures me that he is eager to present that evidence to Judge Cindy Davis.

I’m not a lawyer, but I’ll stick my neck out by saying that it seems to me that finding “loopholes” in the Just Cause Eviction law would be like trying to find a loophole in a pre-nuptial agreement: just a little bit tough!

(Pre-nuptial agreement: most couples enter into marriage expecting to be together for the rest of their lives. While no one wants to consider divorce, it is an eventual reality for more than half of couples. Constructing strategic pre-nuptial (before marriage) and post-nuptial (after marriage) agreements can prevent lengthy court battles as well as significant loss of assets in the event of divorce)

Worst case scenario for TenantX: If Management is successful in using slander to try and evict a tenant, that slander will be used over and over again when the maligned tenant (in this case TenantX) applies for housing in other cities, other counties, other states, and yes, any country that checks a prospective tenants rental history.

And so it is not hard to understand why TenantX is fighting hard in his battle against Diamond/Embassy Apartments, Ray and Inga Nardone, landlord George Lattimer, and certain tenants who sympathize with Management or aid and abet Management.

Of course when applying for an apartment a background check may not be necessary in cities like Tijuana, Buenos Aires or Rio De Janeiro. It is there where an American may be able to obtain housing by simply having a face-to-face meeting with the landlord. That’s the type of rental agreement that is based on nothing more than a handshake, a promise, and a wink of an eye.

I was just joking: TenantX was not jailed for stealing a woman’s purse but he did find one that belonged to young woman in his community. The discovery and contents of said purse, in the eyes of an inebriated homeless person, would have been like scoring a touchdown in the Super Bowl or kicking the winning goal in the World Cup. Put another way, the woman’s purse was loaded with lots and lots of goodies.

TenantX is not comfortable with this post, not at all. He informed me that he does not like the idea of having to post about a lost and found issue that is, in his eyes, is a little mundane or routine. His exact words were

“Damn you Pete Mack the fact that I found a woman’s purse is not noteworthy, it is minutia!!!”

(minutia – a small or minor detail)

In light of the fact that TenantX is fighting slander, treacherous, hurtful slander that is crafted by Ray Nardone/Inga Nardone/Management, I think it wise to fight the bogus allegations with a post like this. I urged him to let me post the pictures seen below. The pictures include pictures of the items that were found in the young woman’s purse. The time and date stamp on each image were blocked out with Photoshop.

Management, landlord George Lattimer, the Nardone’s, and the lawyers who represent Diamond/Embassy Apartments (Kimball, Tirey, and St. John), and you the reader, might ask

“From the photos we see that the young woman had a lot of valuable items in that purse, things like:

“cash, lots of cash

“medical marijuana

“prescription drugs

“birth control pills

“credit cards, lots of credit cards

“a wallet loaded with personal items like her social security card

“and a cell phone with a lot of personal files loaded on it.

“But it’s important, very important, for us to know…did TenantX turn the woman’s purse in to the San Diego Police Department after he received the eviction notice in order to look like a good guy when he goes to trial? That’s what we want to know! Beause maybe it’s just a ruse or a ploy he created in order to make himself look a goody two-shoes in court. Or did he, with goodwill and the community in mind, turn the purse in before we started to try and evict him? Big difference! We believe that if he had found the purse before we started to try and evict him he would have

“smoked the woman’s medical marijuana in order to get high

“used her credit cards to obtain more medical marijuana

“used her cash to purchase alcohol so he could party and get drunk

“crushed and then sprinkled her prescription pills on his cereal

“sold her cell phone on Ebay

“sold her social security card to an illegal alien

“and then, for sheer profit, sold her birth control pills to an El Cajon Blvd. prostitute.

“Also, since TenantX had her purse he, obviously, knew where she lived and where she slept, bathed, showered and dressed. And we see from her drivers license that she lives on Hornblend Street. Hornblend street is just two blocks away from Felspar street where TenantX currently lives.

“We see the young woman’s picture on her drivers license and we see her body weight and height noted on said license. It can be said that she was obviously an extremely attractive young woman with a very nice figure who would have caught the eye of men like Donald Trump, Prince Harry, Hugh Hefner, David Beckham or Jason Mraz. Winston Churchill might have been impressed by her, too, despite the Nazi-thing that took up a lot of his time.

“Management, especially the Nardone’s, know TenantX to be quite the loner. You’ll find plenty of psychiatrists who will tell you that a healthy mind nurtures healthy relationships, something that TenantX is not known to do. And we know that in our society loners are freaks, outcasts, like lepers.

“Based on all of the above circumstances, we think TenantX found the purse, took pictures of the purse, and turned it in to the San Diego Police Department after we started the process to evict him from his apartment in order to make TenantX look like a nice guy. In order to make TenantX look like a civic minded, community minded person. In order to post the pictures to Peter Mack’s blog so Mr. Mack can portray, and delude, the reader, the jury, Judge Cindy Davis, into thinking that TenantX is a decent guy. Like ‘window dressing’ or ‘damage control.’

“When in reality, had TenantX found the woman’s purse before we started the process to evict TenantX from his apartment on Felspar Street, we imagine a loner like TenantX would have gone to her apartment with a still camera and a video camera in hand and like a Peeping Tom he would have snuck up to her window, at night, to take photos of her or recorded video of her as she undressed, as she showered, as she bathed, as she was home alone. That is something that we believe a lonely, anti-social, sullen, aging, irritable, unpredictable, manic manhole cover like him would do.

“Now look here…TenantX even took pictures of her purse and personal possessions! That’s a dead give away. That shows, and we tend to think, that the reason TenantX took pictures of that woman’s purse was so he could impress the judge and jury with those pictures when he goes to trial. So Peter Mack, why don’t you tell us…just exactly when did the dirt-bag that you call TenantX find the purse that belonged to that very attractive young woman who lives right around the block from him, was it before or after we decided to evict him from the street he loves living on?”

My response: I, Peter Mack, never said TenantX turned the purse in to the San Diego Police Department. Does anyone think he did?

a trick, stratagem, or artifice)

Look, the fact is TenantX has the original pictures with the time and date stamp intact. Until his battle with Management is resolved, TenantX will let the above question remain a mystery as to exactly when he found the purse and just exactly what he did with it once he found it. When I get time I might arrange a Question and Answer session with TenantX where I ask him questions about the details surrounding the found purse. For now, the only thing I’ll say is that the purse was found on Diamond/Embassy Apartment property.

The title of this post could have been

“TenantX’s Involvement in a Neighborhood Watch Effort example #1”

and I’ll note that TenantX has never been arrested in the 15 plus years that he’s lived in San Diego. And that’s a fact. You bet it’s a fact, because I have good reason to believe that some of the San Diego cops that patrol Felspar Street, cops like officer Daniel Neifer and officer Travis Easter, will eventually stop by to visit this blog for reasons that, for now, I will not mention.

And so I would never make an erroneous statement about TenantX’s criminal history knowing that certain members of the San Diego Police Department will soon have a good, plausible reason for visiting this blog and, potentially, reading this post.

That Deadly Feeling

When it comes to posting information about TenantX’s situation in his legal battle with Management, I do say, and I will admit that, up till now, this blog has been one DEAD turkey!

There were concrete reasons for the non-activity, for the lack of updates.

All of that will change later today on Sunday, September 9, 2012. There will be posts posted later today that many will find interesting, to say the least.

And there will be more interesting posts that will be posted throughout the week of September 9th. In other words, this blog is about ready to pick up steam, it’s about ready to rock and roll. I like to think of it as a new beginning.

Speaking of new beginnings…in America, it can be argued that football is America’s biggest sport. It’s just a coincidence that the football season, in one small part, started a new season just three days ago when the Dallas Cowboys beat the New York Giants. The new season really takes off today when almost all of the teams play their first game.

Speaking of coincidences, there have been several key developments that have transpired in the last week or so as it relates to TenantX. Some of the incidents involve the San Diego Police Department, tenant on tenant violence in the building TenantX lives in, and things like intimidation directed at TenantX by pro-Management friendly tenants that live in TenantX’s building. The situation that involved an act of tenant on tenant violence did not occur this week.

There will be information posted to this blog about other miscellaneous activity TenantX has experienced. Negative, uncivil, and perhaps criminal acts TenantX has experienced while living at Diamond/Embassy Apartments on Felspar Street in San Diego. Incidents that are related to resentment, retaliation, slander, battery, and prejudice from Management and/or fellow tenant’s of TenantX (yes, fellow tenant’s) who aid and abet Management or are pro-Management friendly. Two incidents may involve obstruction of justice and/or giving false information to the police.

I will finally post an answer to the question “Has Management served TenantX with an eviction notice yet?”

And I, Peter Mack, apologize to those who took the time to stop by only to find no updates on TenantX’s situation.

Trust me, as stated, updates, interesting updates, will be made later today and all throughout the week.

The reader will be able to follow along as TenantX, alone with virtually no one at his side, battles a gang of hostile, and sometimes duplicitous gang of pro-Management friendly people. Management and fellow tenants that are, in some form or fashion, out to get him intent on ruining 15 plus years of good rental history along with placing him on a Blacklist. A Blacklist is a seedy, unethical form of retaliation that many property management companies use to hurt tenant’s they don’t like.

TenantX is a bachelor, a single man, with no pit bull at his side, (with the exception of myself and this blog I created for him – and my bite can’t match that of a pit bull) who, for the most part, has been dealing with Management’s nonsense without an attorney at his side.

And then there are the doctor’s who have let him down. TenantX will provide me with information about the lack of quality care in a situation that involves much distress. As always, one goal of this blog is to help other tenant’s in the U.S. who are in the same situation. It may not matter if you’re covered by a Just Cause Eviction law the way tenant’s in San Diego are, you might still be able to learn, or relate, to TenantX. If that’s the case, then we hope the information we provide helps you in your dealings with unethical apartment managers, unethical landlords and tenant’s who, in some cases, either collude with Management or are “inspired” by Management to cause trouble for someone like you or TenantX.

One thing’s for sure: I guarantee you that the posts that will be published to this blog this coming week will be eye openers.

duplicitous – marked by deliberate deceptiveness especially by pretending one set of feelings and acting under the influence of another duplicitous – marked by deliberate deceptiveness especially by pretending one set of feelings and acting under the influence of another; “she was a deceitful scheming little thing”- Israel Zangwill; “a double-dealing double agent”; “a double-faced infernal traitor and schemer”- W.M.Thackeray

verb (used without object), col·lud·ed, col·lud·ing. act together through a secret understanding, especially with evil or harmful intent.

a : the act of battering or beating b : an offensive touching or use of force on a person without the person’s consent